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Board of Directors Election of Mehre Hossein Community

Announcement No. 1: Hello everyone,

Based on the Board of Directors' meeting on 3/9/2021, the election will be held virtually on the last week of October. We ask all members of the community to pay their annual membership fee ($25 per person) for 2021 (and if you have not paid already, for 2020). The payment can be made in person in the next events of the Community, or it can be made online to our bank account.
Bank account details of Mehre Hossein Community:

Acc Name: Mehr-e-Hossein
Acc No: 153418
BSB: 034159
Description: Membership

Because the election will be virtual, the list of eligible members for voting will be finalised on 30 September 2021. The process of their registration, introduction, and the election will take about a month. So those who have not paid their membership fee will not be eligible to vote or candidate based on the Community's Constitution.

  • Details of candidate registration and the election will be announced later.
  • Mehre Hossein Community Constitution is available in the following.

Thank you
Board of Directors of Mehre Hossein Community